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Land Speed Racing

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Vehicles, components, and parts for high-speed, timed racing across a long, flat surface like the bonneville salt flats, the ohio mile, the mojave mile, etc. These vehicles are not built for street performance, but to go as fast as possible (aiming for record high speeds) across a designated length of ground.

Land Speed Racing

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Purpose built to establish land speed record by thrust powered vehicle on closed circuit oval speedway or can be used for exhibition or promotional....

Posted Yesterday, 11:02 AM Early Access
Prairie City , IA

Car ran at El Mirage , Calif. and Bonneville Salt Flats many times .. Entered at 2022 Bonneville .. Passes inspection No engine / trans Titled and...

Posted 2 weeks ago
Oro Valley , AZ

Classic Gas Coupe Land speed car, multiple record holder @ ElMirage and Bonneville. Very well built, Liberty clutchless 5 speed, can be bought in...

Posted 2 weeks ago
Mesa , AZ

tanks are 18',21' and 25' long all are new 36" in diameter

Posted 3 weeks ago
Wadsworth , OH

r1 powered 1000cc class car has passed tech

Posted 3 weeks ago
Wadsworth , OH

152” wheelbase, 4130 TIG welded chassis. Body is designed for great aero, easily removable .050 aluminum body panels with full undertray. High...

Posted 4 weeks ago
Kokomo , IN

1929 ford roadster xxf/bgr world record holder at 208.243 has been 214 flathead/Ardun combo jericho trans quick change rear

Posted 5 weeks ago
St Augustine , FL

A 198" wheelbase dragster built by Dave Urehara and modified for LSR. Its powered by a Pontiac 4 cylinder with the following components : KRP...

Posted 6 weeks ago
Ca Laguna Niguel , CA

Car is 255" wheelbase fully enclosed lakester minus engine. It was designed and built by Dave Tuttle for Nick Arias & has run 270+ mph multiple...

Posted 6 weeks ago
Ca Laguna Niguel , CA

This is a yamaha Rz 350 now 485cc Chita kit. In testing it ran [email protected] 6000 rpm. The record for this class is 136 It has a record in it It will run...

Posted on 04/15/2023
Glenwood Springs , CO

This is a project. 1987 Olds Cutlass that ran a 572 Chevy in AA/GC at Bonneville. Car has run 232 MPH 11 years ago....

Posted on 04/12/2023
Sarasota , FL