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Land Speed Racing Cars

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Purpose built to establish land speed record by thrust powered vehicle on closed circuit oval speedway or can be used for exhibition or promotional....

Posted Yesterday, 11:02 AM Early Access
Prairie City , IA

Car ran at El Mirage , Calif. and Bonneville Salt Flats many times .. Entered at 2022 Bonneville .. Passes inspection No engine / trans Titled and...

Posted 2 weeks ago
Oro Valley , AZ

Classic Gas Coupe Land speed car, multiple record holder @ ElMirage and Bonneville. Very well built, Liberty clutchless 5 speed, can be bought in...

Posted 2 weeks ago
Mesa , AZ

tanks are 18',21' and 25' long all are new 36" in diameter

Posted 3 weeks ago
Wadsworth , OH

r1 powered 1000cc class car has passed tech

Posted 3 weeks ago
Wadsworth , OH

152” wheelbase, 4130 TIG welded chassis. Body is designed for great aero, easily removable .050 aluminum body panels with full undertray. High...

Posted 4 weeks ago
Kokomo , IN

1929 ford roadster xxf/bgr world record holder at 208.243 has been 214 flathead/Ardun combo jericho trans quick change rear

Posted 5 weeks ago
St Augustine , FL

A 198" wheelbase dragster built by Dave Urehara and modified for LSR. Its powered by a Pontiac 4 cylinder with the following components : KRP...

Posted 6 weeks ago
Ca Laguna Niguel , CA

Car is 255" wheelbase fully enclosed lakester minus engine. It was designed and built by Dave Tuttle for Nick Arias & has run 270+ mph multiple...

Posted 6 weeks ago
Ca Laguna Niguel , CA

This is a yamaha Rz 350 now 485cc Chita kit. In testing it ran [email protected] 6000 rpm. The record for this class is 136 It has a record in it It will run...

Posted on 04/15/2023
Glenwood Springs , CO

This is a project. 1987 Olds Cutlass that ran a 572 Chevy in AA/GC at Bonneville. Car has run 232 MPH 11 years ago....

Posted on 04/12/2023
Sarasota , FL